Limousine Transportation Etiquette and Manners

Who does not enjoy a limo ride;? the limos are arguably the best part of whatever occasion is to attend to, right? Whether you are heading to a birthday party, prom, an anniversary, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or simply a night out in the town, limousine service NYC does not disappoint.

Nonetheless, while limo rides are supposed to be fun, they should also be classy and there are certain unspoken etiquette rules that you should abide by. Our limo service NYC has put together some of these unspoken rules and we hope that this will provide you a better experience as a result.

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Also, consider our limousine service NYC the next time you want to hire a limo. Our professional chauffeurs are knowledgeable and courteous and are dedicated to catering to your every need to make your experience as memorable and pleasant as possible.

Renting a limousine service can surely alleviate your stress while allowing you to travel in style and luxury. But even though there are hundreds and thousands of vehicles operating every day all across the nation, this does not mean everyone knows how to act when riding in one. A little bit of courtesy can go a long way.

By following these limousine transportation manners and etiquette tips, both riders and drivers will have a smoother, hassle-free trip.


Make sure to make your plans, requests, and stops clear to your chauffeur in advance. If the size of your party changes for any reason, make sure to let the service provider know so that they can make further necessary accommodations. Let them know about any stops (if) you want to make and special requests such as smoking vs non-smoking limousines.


People who hire limousines do so for a special occasion and it is important for you to let the person whose event it is, acquire the power seat. The seat at the back right of a limousine is generally known as the ‘power seat.’  in addition, do not stand and enter the vehicle. You should sit, swing your legs, and slide in.  Not doing so will result in the already seated passengers having your back shoved directly in front of their faces as you board. This can be greatly uncomfortable for both parties and should be avoided at any cost.


When it’s time to get out of the limousine, stay seated until the vehicle comes to a complete stop and wait until the door is stopped for you. Your chauffeur will assist you with exiting the vehicle and you should take advantage of this, especially if you have your sandals on. Make sure you are not leaving behind any trash in the vehicle.


Your chauffeur will provide you with a service, so offering him a tip is not a bad idea after the ride has come to an end. This will show your gratitude towards his service. A general rule for tipping your chauffeur is to give them 15 to 20 percent of the bill.

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