How to Survive the Holiday Travel Stress

Anywhere you are traveling, if you are travelling during the holiday season, you’ve to realize that everybody else in the world is, too. But don’t let terrible transportation, rude drivers, invasive security scanners and long lines at the airports get you down. Mentioned below are a few tips to survive the holiday travel season while getting the stresses out of the way. 

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Don’t book the first flight out:

Some people say you must reserve the first flight out, but that isn’t always the case. Since this advice has been there for years everybody else has the same idea. By traveling later in the day, you will actually find roads are less congested and the airports are less crowded. Steer clear of traveling a day before an important holiday since those are always the busiest times of the year. 

Take advantage of travel apps:

Make your holiday travel as smooth as possible by downloading multiple travel apps such as airline apps, hotel apps, travel planning apps, destination apps, navigational apps and many others. 

GateGuru is a very useful app through which you can check your flight status as well as the security wait times. GasBuddy is yet another convenient travel app through which you can spot the most affordable gas stations in your region.

Choose less congested days for traveling:

This is also a very important tip that you can’t ignore when booking a holiday trip. Steer clear of traveling on jam-packed days such as the day before or after Christmas and the day before Thanksgiving. During this particular phase of the flight tickets, gas prices and hotel rates tend to be higher than normal. Also, the number of car & train mishaps are on the higher side during these days. So, you better not travel during congested days. 

Be ready for unforeseen challenges:

There bound to be some unforeseen challenges during a trip. However, with a little preparation you can definitely be able to conquer those challenges successfully. Try to sort out typical issues such as heightened security & extreme weather. Get advice from a travel professional on what to do if your plans change. You can consider getting travel insurance as they cover lost or delayed luggage, trip interruptions or cancellations, medical care, towing, and much more. 

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