Hire Limo Rental NYC To Attend High-Profile Events & Concerts

For many of us, going to a high profile concert or event is something we really look forward to. We purchase the tickets in advance and eagerly wait for the event by planning it with friends who will also join us for the fun-filled evening. One way to make an evening like this even more special and fun is by hiring a limo rental NYC to drive you to and from the event.

You might be thinking, “A limo service NYC? For a concert? For a styling event? Isn’t that a bit much?” It certainly isn’t.

Hire Limo in NYC To Attend High-Profile Events


Imagine arriving at NYC’s popular CocoInCashmere Styling event in luxurious surroundings and spacious interiors, while listening to your favorite music. Imagine sipping your favorite beverage and indulging in all the styling tips and tricks gossip with your girl pals, while someone else deals with NYC’s traffic. Imagine a professional, on-time chauffeur who knows the best route to drive you to the event in as little time as possible. This can all be possible with a quick and easy reservation with MeemLimo Car and Limo Service.

A brief about Styling Event with @CocoInCashmere

Join @CocoInCashmere on Thu, Oct 29, 2020, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT at Falconeri SoHo to get your look ready for fall!

Lindsay Weiss is NYC’s famous celebrity stylist and blogger at @CocoInCashmere is taking over the Falconeri store to get you ready for fall with private one-on-one styling sessions. Learn styling tips on the new collection and get an inside scoop on some of her favorite picks.

Lindsay has developed an innovative, multi-step styling system that shifts the focus away from unnecessary shopping and instead on reinventing her clients’ pre-existing wardrobe.

As per Lindsay, “Fashion can empower you. It can give you confidence, make you feel good about yourself, and help you leave an incredible mark on those you meet. She also believes that fashion is largely about self-expression. What we wear is one of the few ways in which we ourselves get to choose the face we put forward into the world.”

falconeri Lindsay Weiss

So, get your free registration done today, and add to your calendar to not miss on this one-of-a-kind event in NYC.

Hiring a limousine company is perfect for every type of event, both large and small. Limousine service NYC will add that special touch and reduce the stress of planning your transportation. There are also a host of other benefits. You will not only receive a first-class service from door-to-door but do not have to worry about parking and NYC’s boring traffic time.

Since many of us choose to go to a concert or styling event with a group of friends, hiring a limo service NYC can greatly save each person’s money. Instead of each party driving to and from the venue and forking over hefty parking fees, you can all pitch in and ride together in style and convenience. In addition to saving dollars, this is also a smart choice for the environment.

For these and many other reasons, it is easy to see why you should go with a limo rental NYC to take you to and from any styling event or concert. To make your event a memorable one, hire a limo service provider with a proven record of providing clients with pleasant, hassle-free experiences. To book a limo for your next event, contact MeemLimo today!

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