best credit card for business travel in new york city

Best Business Credit Card for Travel in New York City

Having the correct business credit card gives you access to a world of advantages, and unlocking rewards and bonuses for your business travel in New York City may alter everything. Consider converting your monthly business costs into points for incredible vacation, cash back, or flexible rewards. Selecting the ideal business credit card for your travel requirements may seem like a maze, but don’t worry—the MeemLimo guide is your compass. Find the top business credit cards that can fulfill the demands of your organization and lead to interesting travel opportunities in New York City. Choose the best credit card that supports the growth of your business and fits your travel objectives, whether collecting points for lodging or earning cash back on business expenses. Take the first step toward economic spending and fulfilling travel experiences by selecting the finest business credit card for your particular requirements or chauffeured transportation in New York City.

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Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

For business travelers looking for rewards and ease of use, Chase’s Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card is a great option. This card offers a simple method to earn rewards on business-related costs and does away with the complexity of rotating categories with an unlimited 1.5% cash back on all transactions. It may also include travel rewards like free foreign transaction fees and rental vehicle insurance, which makes it ideal for people who often travel abroad. The card’s reporting capabilities and spending monitoring facilities make it easier to manage corporate finances, and its no-annual-fee design makes it more appealing to frugal travelers. Overall, the Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card offers mobile enterprises an advantageous blend of travel benefits and rewards. 


  • Perpetual 1.5% cash back incentives on purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Huge welcome bonus
  • 0% APR Introductory Period for 12 months
  • Better reward redemption choices may be obtained by combining premium Chase credit card accounts with cashback offered as Ultimate Rewards.

American Express® Business Gold Card

The American Express® Business Gold Card is your passport to a world of advantages and economic spending, so elevate your business travels with it. You may earn various customizable benefits by charging your monthly business expenses to this card. One such reward is points, which can be easily redeemed for accommodation and travel. It might not be easy to sort through the many options for business credit cards for travel, but this card sticks out like a Pillar. It offers a fantastic chance to get the most out of your travel experiences by providing incentives and a customized approach to your business demands. The American Express® Business Gold Card is the perfect partner for companies that value both success and luxury travel since it offers a range of premium features and the opportunity to earn points on business expenditures. With this outstanding business credit card, take your firm to new heights and go on a journey of rewards and travel privileges.


  • Adaptable alternatives for points transfer and redemption
  • Strong travel advantages
  • Up to $150,000 in yearly expenditure, you will automatically get 4 points for every dollar spent in the two areas where you spend the most each billing month.
  • When using Amex Travel, you may get a 25% airline redemption refund, up to a yearly maximum of 250,000 points.

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

With the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, a formidable tool for discerning travelers, you can ignite your business travel in New York. Your monthly business spending may be easily redirected to this card, opening up a world of benefits, such as points that can be used to book incredible trips. With this amazing card that meets your company’s demands and acts as your trip buddy, navigating the world of corporate credit cards for travel is easy. Gain points for your business expenditures, and then have the option to exchange them for travel, lodging, and even vehicle rentals. This card combines the excitement of travel with your needs, elevating your business game beyond anything you could have imagined. The Ink Work Preferred® Credit Card is your ticket to a work trip where achievement and travel coexist, offering premium advantages and seamless rewards integration. With the help of this fantastic business credit card, set off on a journey of frugal spending and unforgettable adventures.


  • Amazing welcome bonus
  • Absence of fees for overseas transactions
  • Free employee cards
  • Awards for typical business costs

The American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card

Boost productivity at work with the American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card, a little powerhouse with great travel rewards. Every business purchase will get twice as many Membership Rewards® points as the first $50,000 spent annually, putting thrilling travel experiences only one step away. Convert your monthly business expenses into points easily, and then take advantage of the freedom to use them to book travel and lodging. With no annual fee and a first-year 0% introductory APR on purchases, this card gives your company spending a strategic advantage and makes things easier. With the American Express Blue company® Plus Credit Card, you can maximize your company potential by streamlining your approach to both spending and travel rewards. Make every spend contribute to the development of your business, travel wisely, and accrue points more quickly.


  • Numerous different airline transfer partners
  • No yearly charge
  • Hefty rewards rate for the first $50,000 spent per year

The Premier Business Credit Card from IHG One Rewards

With the Premier Business Credit Card from IHG One Rewards, which skillfully combines rewards and utility, you may enjoy the height of business travel. Open up a world of opportunities by fully integrating yourself into the IHG ecosystem and earning IHG® Rewards points on your business costs. Using this card, you can turn your business expenses into points exchanged for stays at any IHG hotel worldwide, making your business travels productive and easy. With a credit card made for the discriminating traveler, you can enhance your business trip and take advantage of unique IHG perks and travel privileges. With its carefully considered combination of ease and elegance, the Premier Business Credit Card from IHG One Rewards is your ticket to a business experience beyond purchases.


  • Get a voucher for a free anniversary night.
  • Get the fourth night free when you redeem three.
  • Achieving the rank of Platinum Elite
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