Top 7 Things To Do in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, also called King’s County, is New York’s most populous borough, featuring beautiful gardens and parks, fantastic bars and restaurants, and more. When it comes to NYC’s five boroughs, Brooklyn is indisputably the coolest one.

Brooklyn offers so many things to see and do. If you are feeling perplexed with the multitude of options, we have featured some of the top spots and activities you must visit when you’re in town. From a walk across an iconic bridge to an afternoon in a botanic garden, book our limo and car service in Brooklyn to spend your days luxuriously in the borough.

Limo and Car Service in Bronx


Be sure to include some of these on your Brooklyn itinerary.

Capture New York’s skyline photos from the Brooklyn Bridge

Hire our Brooklyn limo and car service to make your way to NYC’s most populous borough by walking the Brooklyn bridge. This bridge connects Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights. Allow yourself a full hour so that you get ample time to enjoy the skylines of both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

brooklyn bridge

Visit the impressive world-class art at the Brooklyn Museum

The famous Brooklyn museum sitting at the edge of Prospect Park is focused on helping visitors to expand their understanding of the world. The museum hosts exciting new works of art, and shines in its permanent collection featuring pieces like The Dinner Party(1979) by Judy Chicago.

Brooklyn Museum



Brooklyn Academy of Music

The academy’s name denotes a focus on music, but there is more to it. The music academy also hosts movies, opera, and even performance art. It hosts multiple shows a day, so you are sure to find something to fit your interest.

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Exhibit at the Brooklyn Historical Society

This could be the best place to visit if you are looking for a great primer for the history of the borough. The exhibits are entertaining and informative, with a focus on more unusual themes. Some of the past exhibits include – 

  • Brooklyn Americans: Hockey’s Forgotten Promise
  • Gaining Access: The New York City Disability Rights Movement
  • Shifting Perspectives: Photographs of Brooklyn’s Waterfront

Brooklyn Historical Society

Coney Island Boardwalk

Coney Island is one of the popular summer destinations. It offers fun places to grab a snack, sandy beaches, and thrilling roller coasters. Visitors will also witness fireworks every Friday night throughout the summer.

Coney Island Boardwalk


Brooklyn Flea

Visit Brooklyn Flea in between march to November for vintage finds and crafts from local artisans. Also, window shops through stalls of crafts, jewelry, collectibles, and furniture. You can also grab your favorite bites from the food vendors as you walk around.

Brooklyn Flea

New York Transit Museum

The Transit Museum has preserved stories of public transport in the city since 1976. It houses everything from reconstructed subway platforms to vintage train cars. If you visit this place during any festive season, check out Holiday Nostalgia Rides that brings old subway cars back into use.

New York Transit Museum

Start Planning Your Trip To Brooklyn by Booking Our Brooklyn Limo and Car Service

Visiting Brooklyn should not be given an after-thought when you come to NYC. It is a beautiful world that has fantastic things both indoors and outdoors. We will make sure you ride in absolute luxury with our best and most enjoyable transportation experience.

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