Things To Know Before You Go to NYC

Visiting New York City might intimidate you, especially if you are a first-time visitor. The city is loud, crowded and there are some types of unwritten code of conduct that is only known to the locals. If you are planning your trip to NYC for the first time anytime soon, then we at Meem Limo being a reputable and reliable limo service in NYC would suggest you know a few things about the city before visiting. What are these things? Take a look below:

Things To Know Before You Go to NYC

What’s “Downtown” and “Midtown”!

Downtown does not mean the commercial center of NYC! When someone says “Downtown” in NYC they mean “in a southerly direction” or “one of the neighborhoods below 14th street.” 

Midtown means the neighborhoods in the middle section of Manhattan i.e. between 14th street and 59th street, which happens to be the busiest part of the city with most of the office buildings here. 

NYC Sidewalks too Have Traffic Rules

By rules here we do not mean that you will be penalized if you do not obey them, but significant if you do not want to get into a mess with an infuriated local. While walking down a busy sidewalk make sure to keep right, do not come to any abrupt stops, and if you are moving slowly in particular or just need to stop to click a photo or check directions, pull over to a place that is out of the way. The same rules apply to escalators.

Taxi Etiquettes to Follow

If the numbers on the roof of the yellow cab are lit up then it is available to provide you a ride. But if the light is off then someone is already in it. Never shout “Taxi!” as they show in the movies! You just need to stand on the curb and stick out your hand. Avoid upstream anyone while looking for a cab i.e. if someone is already standing on a street corner or a little farther down the block that is within view with their hand out waiting for a cab then let them take the ride first. Hence, check your surroundings well before sticking out your hand for the first cab you see. As far as Uber, Lyft, or Via and the like are concerned make sure that you have the right car. You can find a number of black Toyota Camrys and Honda Pilots with license plates that start with the letter T so make sure to check the plate number carefully and tell you to name as soon as you get into the car and don’t make them wait for more than a minute or two.

The Subway Ride

Most people in NYC get around in the city using the subway as it is an inexpensive, fast, and convenient mode of transportation. However, you need to avoid taking an empty subway train car as it is unoccupied for a reason. Maybe the air conditioning is broken or there might be some other issue! so just avoid it. While getting on the train make sure to let people off the train before you get on, take up as little space as possible especially when the train is crowded, keep your bulky backpacks on the floor, give your seat to the elderly or pregnant or anyone injured. Apart from that make sure not to eat any food item that requires a napkin or a fork and do not play loud music or speak loudly while riding.

Bus Transportation

Usually, buses aren’t used by the tourists however if you are trying to go crosstown (East to West) or a short distance in an area that does not has subway service, buses are your best bet.

There is a Ferry as well! 

Although not the fastest option, the NYC Ferry formerly known as the East River Ferry offers you a picturesque view while traveling. A few commuter lines are there that connect to downtown Manhattan and the Lower East Side along with seasonal routes to Governor’s Island and Rockaway Beach. On the contrary, the Staten Island Ferry is a shuttle that goes only between the southernmost tip of Manhattan and the Northern tip of Staten Island at St. George. The best part of this ferry is it’s free.

Clothing Rules

Do you think New Yorkers wear black all the time? No that’s not completely true! However, during the winter months, it is somewhat true. For going to concert halls, theaters or any upscale restaurant, you need to check their websites to know if there is a dress code or not! 

Talking to Strangers

Saying “hello” to people passing the street make you look crazy even if you are the only two people on that street! Usually, people feel happy to help with directions and a breezy Good Morning is considered weird. If you want to ask for directions simply say “excuse me, could you help me with directions?” 

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