The Ultimate Guide to Major Airports in NYC

Flying into New York is always going to be hard. But if you know how you are going to get from A to B, where you are staying, and what your budget is, you will be fine.

Getting to and from LGA, JFK, and Newark is not awesome. Confusing subway lines, massive delays, and constantly changing fares make it difficult to choose the right NYC airport. And while every trip and every budget are different, there is usually one common question – which NYC airport should I fly into? And the answer depends on where you are going – Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, after you land. The only way to navigate NYC’s busiest airports is through an airport limo and car service.

  • Do you stay mostly in the outer boroughs? Then, LGA or JFK may be right. 
  • Are you traveling from Europe? Newark is your best friend.

Here’s a look at each NYC airport and hopefully, it helps you navigate the chaos.

JFK Airport

JFK is the best airport in NYC. For New Yorkers, JFK airport is their go-to for the below reasons:

  • It is connected to the subway via the A, E lines and AirTrain
  • It has most flights and time options for both international and domestic
  • It is built to handle the volume
  • It is not in New Jersey
  • The terminals are modern(ish) and the infrastructure is different
  • It is the most accessible via public transportation
  • Subway to JFK – 60 to 90 minutes
  • JFK limo and car service – 30+ minutes

JFK limo and car service

How do you get to JFK by subway?

The A and E train both service JFK to and from Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, but you have to connect to the AirTrain to reach the final destination. Transfer to the AirTrain at Jamaica Station (E train) or Howard Beach Station (A train).

Flight options at JFK

You can fly to every destination in the world, including Iceland from JFK. You can also book your flight if you want to fly directly to Europe.

LGA Airport

  • It is located in Queens, to the north of JFK
  • Hub for America and Delta
  • Shuttle flight to Chicago, D.C., or Boston
  • Serves both domestic and international destinations
  • LGA is a little smaller than JFK
  • Limited lounge and food options

LGA airport limo and car service

How much does it cost to get to LGA from Brooklyn or Manhattan?

  • Subway + Bus transfer can cost you around $2.75.
  • Taxi/Lyft can cost you between $25-40.

How do you get from LaGuardia to Brooklyn or Manhattan?

If you want to get to LGA via public transit, you have to take the subway, walk a few blocks, hop into a bus, then hopefully get out at the right terminal.

If that does not sound like fun, you can book a reliable LGA airport limo and car service.

Newark Airport

If you are a resident of Manhattan or if you prefer seeing the views of the Statue of Liberty and the Jersey Interstate, this airport is the best choice.

  • Newark is the same distance from Manhattan as JFK
  • It is smaller than JFK
  • It is easy to access from the west side of Manhattan
  • Best parking options

How do you get to and from Newark Airport by subway?

Newark Airport Express shuttle buses are the best to get to Manhattan from Newark. The express bus can cost you $18 for one-way and runs from 4:45 am to 2 am. It starts at 4:15 am from Newark. Its only stops are Port Authority, Grand Central, and Bryant Park.

What is the cost of getting to and from Newark Airport from Manhattan?

  • Newark Airport Express Shuttle Bus can cost you $18 for one-way.
  • Taxi/Rideshare can cost you between $70-100.
  • Subway and NJ Transit can cost $12.50 + $2.75 (MTA).

If you don’t wish to get confused and miss anything during your travel it’s always comfortable to book Newark airport limo and car service.

So are you ready to fly in to or out from New York? If yes, do not miss out on these beautiful experiences of flying from these marvelous airports in NYC.

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