Our COVID-19 Pandemic Response


COVID-19 Pandemic Response

At MeemLimo, the health and safety of our customers, partners, and the team is our first and foremost priority. 

Taking the COVID-19 pandemic or Corona Virus outbreak into consideration, we have taken all possible precautionary measures to serve our clients in a safe and healthy manner. We are determined to provide the highest standards of protection to our customers as well as our team. 

We have taken the best measures to enhance our cleaning process that includes disinfecting all our vehicle touch points using a medical-grade disinfectant before and following each trip. We also keep our company premises clean and disinfected daily. 

To comply with the NYC COVID-19 Guidelines, all our chauffeurs, other team members, and all passengers are required to cover their faces by wearing a mask or face covering. You can avail of these if you need them. And all our vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizers. We also conduct health screening of our team and monitor their health closely. 

In addition to that, we have given strict instructions to our team to seek immediate medical attention if they arrive to work sick or become sick while at work. We also promote physical distancing, good hand hygiene, and regular use of face coverings. 

To make airport transportation hassle-free for our customers, we advise them of the current arrangements at the Airport passenger meeting points in advance of your arrival. We are available 24/7 for help and assistance in case of any difficulty.

There might be some changes to our regular services that can be noticed as a result of these precautions, such as removing reading materials from the back pockets of the seats and limiting physical contact and material sharing between passengers and chauffeurs much as possible.

After you reach your destination, our chauffeurs will sanitize your luggage handles, and baggage cart handles (if you are dropped at the airport).

Rest assured, we are following all the NYC’s Restart guidance for businesses and the guidelines issued by the US government and Department of Health. We assure you of a safe and pleasant journey with us at MeemLimo. Your health and safety is our priority. Our preventive measures are of the highest standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NYC. 

We will be glad to serve you soon and wish you the best of health!